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Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training workshops

We help to raise mental health awareness and reduce stigma in business, schools and communities.

What we offer

We are based in North Wiltshire and offer training throughout the UK.  Affiliated with MHFA England and work in partnership with Wiltshire MIND, we are a training provider with a focus on Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health First Aid and Wellbeing for business, education and individuals.


Created to help bring a new perspective to mental health, our approach to learning is online and on/off-site facilitated workshops for Business Leaders, Staff, Colleagues and individuals through 1 – 2 day interactive and open learning experiences. Participants leave feeling confident, fully resourced and empowered to help others towards positive mental health.


As affiliated partners with MHFA England, we explore stigma, language and, communication (how to listen non-judgementally). We take mental illness seriously and have created tools and strategies for preventative crisis and to feel confident about how to support others and signpost them to professional help

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Supported Businesses & Charities

Since 2019 we have trained over 300 business leaders and staff to become mental health first aid and champions in business and charitable organisations – here are just a few

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