About My White Dog

A holistic and person centred approach to mental health

Wellbeing strategies through mental health awareness, resilience and solution focused approaches in the work environment

What we offer

If you are curious about mental health and mental illness and would like have a backpack of knowledge and tools to help someone else -what to say, and what to do next towards help and recovery this is a great foundation and evidence based resource.


The courses are robust and evidence-based learning experiences to provide support and information around mental health and mental illness:-


– to prevent a condition worsening;
– to promote recovery,
– to raise mental health literacy in communities
– reduce stigma and discrimination
– to create a backpack of resource for your own self care and wellbeing.


We start our learning by exploring language, perspective, frame of reference, the mental health continuum and explore how to identify and manage stress and appropriate coping strategies to help build resilience.


Our courses are accredited with MHFA England and a great foundation to build your confidence to spot the signs of someone either in early stages of mental illness or if someone is experiencing crisis through panic attacks or trauma, or talking of suicide, whether they are experiencing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, psychosis, we provide the knowledge to spot the signs and the confidence to know what to do and how to support an individual towards hope and recovery.

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Supported Businesses & Charities

Since 2019 we have trained over 500 business leaders and staff to become mental health first aid and mental health champions in a face to face setting.    We have supported IT/Tech/Data/Telecoms, Public Sector, MOD, Creative Agencies, Private Practitioners, Aviation and Professional Services.


Since the onset of COVID 19 we have transferred our courses online for all business and eduction sectors keeping it interactive, engaging and a safe learning environment.  We are now supporting young people age 8-18 in educational settings.  Dedicated to helping parents teachers and carers, see our website My White Dog Youth 


We also partner with Wiltshire MIND, Aviation Action, Bath College, and Line BSL (Bristol)

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