Stress Awareness Month

Youth Mental Health Half day

Stress Awareness Month

No Quick Fixes

Some of the benefits to employees as a result of training indicate improved confidence of spotting the signs, but also how some of this knowledge and early intervention has the potential to cascade throughout the organisation, Soma Pemmireddy at London Stansted Airport states:

My intervention not only helped colleagues recover from their mental health conditions, but they went above and beyond to assist other colleagues who had been going through some mental health symptoms”.

Web Design and software development company, Intechnica, approached us at the start of lockdown to investigate training line managers, have gained new skills and implemented strategies that work, Mandy Mills, talks about some of the ‘tools to create balance in line with business values and ethos and creating a framework of best practice for mental health and wellbeing within the business’ has really helped within their organisation. They have regular check-ins with staff members and have explored new and creative approaches to engagement.

Delegates have highlighted some of the benefits of our courses, from Lords BM, Intechnica, Bristol Airport and Stanstead airport

  • the tools to create balance in line with business values and ethos.
  • promote mental health and wellbeing and normalise conversations around mental health.
  • more aware of potential warning flags and more observant generally around colleague wellbeing.
  • provide the time necessary to understand underlying conditions of anyone experience mental health conditions and signpost them in the right direction.

And Rob O’Dare at Bristol airport recognises that

In a high risk, safety critical industry such as aviation, having the skills to identify as early as possible those who could benefit from support and guidance is essential”

The courses are interactive, safe learning experiences that provide the tools and strategies for providing positive un-judgmental intervention to someone experiencing mental health concerns.  The learning environment, is safe inclusive and interactive, break out rooms, discussions, case studies with individual learning activities, relevant stats and evidence-based learning experiences.   On-line can be more difficult to support delegates in such sensitive subjects, so we keep groups small to engage discussion and to create a supported environment.

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