Time to Talk, February 2023

Time to Talk, February 2023

Great to catch up with Rick Towers from 5 Values on ‘Time to Talk’ day, check out the video link.

Rick and I have worked together in the past and I have run the mental health awareness training for the team, which offers effective wellbeing strategies for senior staff and the tools to support employees. The half day training (available online and face to face) includes how to spot the signs of poor mental health and how to start a non-judgmental conversation, (which is not always easy!)

But, by taking 10 minutes out of our day to check in with staff can make a huge difference to wellbeing and mental health.

During our ‘time to talk’ conversation Rick and I both recognise that one of the helpful approaches to supporting staff and peers, was to walk and talk, by walking side by side in a different environment, can change perspective, reduce any overwhelm and can feel less judgmental.

If you are looking to increase mental health awareness within your organisation, knowing how and what to say to support staff, and start to build trust within your team (and at the same time, reduce stigma and discrimination) the courses provide a safe environment to practice these skills which can form a great foundation towards workplace policies and wellbeing strategy and a huge leap towards recovery.

Here are a few things you can do to get started …

  • Think about the environment, is it possible to walk and talk? going for a walk into the fresh air is great for mental health.
  • Talking tips – being less judgmental and focussing on the person in front of you and start by asking open questions,
  • ‘how are you feeling at the moment?’
  • ‘who do you normally talk to for support?’, these are great openers.

For more information check out our online courses here, and more information on ‘time to talk’ campaign see link here and if you are looking for something more bespoke you can always email direct paula@mywhitedog.com.